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About Us

Noor Jewelry provides various jewelry creations which you can pair with both simple and gorgeous outfits. We are extremely flexible and even have collections that would go hand-in-hand with your Indo-western looks. For example, if you are thinking about wearing a long black dress at the party, we will surely provide you with the necklace and the earring that will add more grace to your dressing up for the occasion.

We are proud in adding that not only we are a jewelry showroom, but we have our goldsmith workshop and we only select the finest diamonds for our jewelry collection. We are also wholesalers of diamonds since the year 2012. But do not let the words like finest diamond and diamond wholesalers trick you to believe that we only sell jewelry that is very costly and only wearable for special occasions. We offer dainty diamond jewelry that can suit your office-going looks as well. Our proprietor Aamir Noor Muhammad Motiwala and our general manager Mohammed Khaleel have knowledge and taste in jewelry making and serving clients around the globe. Top Quality is Guaranteed with Noor Jewelry.